Laser Hair Removal for other Body Parts/Areas

Get a wonderful & unwanted hair free body with Laser Hair Removal procedure.

Laser hair removal for small body areas/parts is quite convenient

Laser technology traces its origin to modern times. The laser treatment reduces hair and acts as a great solution to remain care free from excess hair. Unwanted or excess hair on the skin and body make them feel less confident and lower their image. The present generation wants glossy and hair-free skin to flaunt their looks and enhance their personality. They are seeking solutions to remove hair. Laser treatments have answered their call and are offering wide range of services to make their skin free of any hair.

Laser hair removal treatment is offered for various body parts/areas:

Under Arms

The laser technology is available for removing hairs from underarms. The laser light destroys the hair follicles of the underarms without hampering the skin. It highlights the targeted tissues and works upon the dark tissues only. It is also reasonable and consumes less amount of time.
Sessions Required: 6-8 sessions on an average is requirwed for best results.

Bikini Line

Laser treatment assesses the quality and color of skin in the bikini line. It targets the tissues that possess the hair follicles and harms these tissues only, without affecting the surrounding areas. The laser light concentrates on the specific areas to give flawless skin.
Session Required: Six treatments with three to four weeks apart


The laser technology concentrates on the chin area to fight the hair follicles and harm them. Melanin, the matter is also destroyed, thereby reducing chances of hair re-growth. Chin gets brighter and glows. In case of women suffering from PCOD should first get PCOD treated or they won’t get desired results.
Session Required: Six sessions on an average

Upper lip

The color and type of skin is assessed first and then laser is carried out. In the darker skin patients, the Clear Scan laser is used whereas the SIPL laser treatments are used in the fairer skins. As mentioned above, in case of upper lip too, women suffering from PCOD should first get PCOD treated or they won’t get desired results.
Sessions Required: 6 - 7 sittings, depending on the number of hair.


The laser hair removal for arms is done by exposing the tissues to the laser beams. The beam is concentrated on the specific tissues of hair follicles that need to be destroyed permanently. Having done so, rain starts falling and finally no hair growth can be noticed.
Sessions required: 6 – 7 sessions, on an average

Eyebrow shaping

The laser device is used in the manner to create the desired shape for any eyebrows. The shape is made on a permanent basis by using the laser technology. Clinicians finally cool the skin by using gels and other cooling agents.
Time taken: About five minutes

Therefore, to sum up, the laser technology is fruitful in the long run. It is absolutely pain-free and less time consuming. It offers good solution and delivers smooth and soft skin all over the body. With no side effects, the treatment is gaining profound usage and recognition. People are being attracted towards the wide range of laser treatments for a better skin.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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